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With the evergrowing amount of data spread around the web, the need for gathering and structuring that data is also increasing day by day. This is exactly where web scraping comes into play.

In this quick video course, you'll learn everything you need to get started with web scraping using Python and Scrapy. Among other things, you'll learn how to:

  • Extract data from the web using CSS selectors
  • Follow pagination buttons with a spider
  • Handle websites that use infinite scrolling
  • Authenticate your spider in a website
  • Deploy and run your spiders in the cloud

Personalized Training Program


Our personalized training program is all you need to get you and your team up and running with Scrapy and a modern web scraping technology stack. You'll start from the basics and gradually learn the most common challenges you'll face in the day-to-day job of a web scraping expert.

The training program is priced on a per-seat basis and delivered over the course of 2 weeks through a combination of all-hands sessions and one-one coachings


  • Basic Python knowledge
  • A basic understanding of how the web works
  • Basic HTML and CSS selectors syntax

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This program consists of 6 one-hour units spread around two weeks:

  • Extracting data with Scrapy (1h)
  • Navigating websites with Scrapy (1h)
  • Running Spiders in the Cloud (1h)
  • Handling HTML Forms (1h)
  • Scraping JavaScript based pages (1h)
  • Extending Scrapy (1h)

Right after a unit, each trainee gets 30 minutes of individual coaching with the instructor.

What you'll learn

  • Extract data from web pages using CSS selectors
  • Build crawlers that follow through the links in a website
  • Simulate the user behavior in your spiders
  • Scrape JavaScript-based websites
  • Identify the best strategy to deal with challenges
  • Extract data hidden behind login walls
  • Extend Scrapy via middlewares and pipelines
  • A toolset to scrape effectively
  • Best practices in web scraping and web crawling
  • Deploy and run your crawlers in a cloud platform
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